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Pastured Chickens

We offer fresh and frozen pastured poultry sold directly from the farm, and through select retail partners. We raise Cornish Rock Cross broiler chickens in "Salatin style" chicken tractors. The birds are out on pasture by 4 weeks of age and enjoy a healthy mix of greens and grain. They are moved at least twice daily to ensure that they have access to the tasty bugs and fresh grass that they so enjoy. The bottomless chicken tractor is well vented and provides the birds with safety from predators as well as shade from the sun and rain. When they aren't munching on bugs, the birds are provided with specially mixed, certified organic grain that comes to us from the family owned and operated Morrison's Custom Feeds. 




Our diverse flock of turkeys can be found out on pasture from July through Thanksgiving harvest time. They are offered fresh and frozen in a size range of roughly 12-27 pounds. They spend long, sunny days foraging in the field and singing loudly. Our organically certified, pastured turkeys are a tasty hit for the holiday season and we encourage placing orders early! We offer the turkeys for sale directly from the farm, and through friends at select retail locations. Please see our "Partner" page for a complete list of retailers. 



Beef Steers

We offer grass-fed beef annually. These are the sons of our dairy queens, and as such they are a mix of Jersey, Holstein, and Brown Swiss. Raised on milk and then out on pasture with the ladies, they are provided with the fresh air, quality forage and comfortable lifestyle that ensures a tasty meal for you. We offer beef in 50#, and 100# boxes, as well as half and whole steers. The beef is packaged in dinner sized portions, and is frozen for you at the processor. Please email for pricing and examples of cut sheets for an idea of quantity and variety.

Dairy Herd

Grace Pond Farm's dairy herd lives and works at The Milkhouse Creamery, spending long, happy, grass-fed days chewing the cud with their Jersey girls. Our dairy queens are a pleasant mix of Jersey, Holstein and Brown Swiss with just enough Washington County grit thrown in to handle any situation with grace.

Enjoy their offerings as part of your favorite yogurt and raw milk from The Milkhouse!