pastured poultry

Gobble, Gobble, Hey!

We happily chatted with Mary Pols from the Portland Press Herald this week, and enjoyed the company of Brianna Soukup as she took beautiful photos of the farm (not easy to do in November in Maine!). There is a linked article with "pro-tips" for cooking the perfect pasture-raised, organic, turkey that is worth a read too! Several of our farm friends and agri-community members throw their invaluable 2 cents in about perfect poultry prep!

We are also having a celebration ourselves - and want to invite you to participate!

Help us put your money where our mouth is! We make no secret of our commitment to quality food access for ALL! We want our friends, neighbors, and fellow Mainers to enjoy the healthiest, quality food that they can! We want to know what matters to YOU the most!  So, we are inviting YOU to help us count our blessings and really make them count! When you buy a Grace Pond Turkey this season, we would like you to email us with: the weight of your bird and the name of your favorite charity/civic organization. On January 1, we'll put those messages into a big hat - the winner will get the price of their turkey donated to the organization that they specified in the email! Thanks for helping us help others, and for supporting our family farm! 

Enjoy, Happy Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Harvest Celebrating, folks! We'd love to hear from you about your Grace Pond Farm turkey!

GP Turkey 2015.jpg