Counting our blessings out loud

For our first post on our finally in progress website, I wanted to re-share our Thanksgiving post. We are still reeling from a wonderful season and already planning for the Spring, but we are remembering to enjoy this slower pace and taking time to be mindful of our good fortune.

It was hard to imagine back in July all of the things we would be so thankful for here in our new home, far down route 1 from Washington County. Now, we have spent a wonderful week with friends and family counting our blessings and I realize that the list is endless. A few highlights: Over 200 families/friends/folks sat down to a holiday meal and counted their own blessings with one of our turkeys on the table ~ this feels like such an honor, I cannot adequately express that. We are beyond grateful to the folks that included us in their celebrations this week and supported our family farming in Maine, you are amazing people - thank you! The relationships that we've forged with our local food and community partners are such a blessing to us; Ben from Farmers' Gate Market, and The Farm Stand, Annie at Uncle Dean's Good Groceries, Diane at Myers Poultry Farm, Greg at Morrison's Custom Feeds, Tom and Lynn, and our good friends and farm family partners, Andy, Caitlin and Linus at The Milkhouse are just a few of the people that work hard to bring happy, healthy food to our communities this year. And finally thank you to the friends and family that have held our hands and provided endless hugs, love and words of encouragement in our lives on the road to our Grace Pond Farm. Some of these beloved folks will only ever be able to join our table through our own hearts, but the seats they hold there are theirs forever and we honor them always. Thank you friends! ~ Gregg, Rhiannon, Ruby and Maden