Dear Maine’s Value Added Producers, looking for award-winning, organically certified, cow milk delivered to your creamery door - we are offering just that!

Fluid milk, with robust components, from healthy, happy, cows delivered to you in a stainless steel, insulated, milk transport tank. We are an organically certified dairy, ready to deliver our milk to Maine’s value added producers; offering a labor saving, cleaner, more time efficient alternative, to the current pick-up system. 

Why Should You Have Your Milk Delivered By Us?

  • Delivery starts at only $5.00/gallon - price is dependent on quantity ordered and location to which it is delivered. Discounts available for Bulk deliveries, and consistent orders.
  • Milk delivered directly to your processing facility saves you time and labor, as well as fuel and hassle - but that's not all! Let us do the heavy lifting - milk weighs a lot (8.6 pounds per gallon actually!).
  • The time that you're saving on milk hauling, sanitizing/cleaning containers, and driving over Maine's bumpy roads, can now be spent on food artistry!
  • We have great milk! Our Dairy Queens are Jersey, Holstein, Brown Swiss, girls with fantastic counts - Under 70,000 SCC, 1 or less PI & CC, and approx. 4.75/3.4 protein ratios currently.
  • We are optimizing our components, AND our delivery schedules to work with YOU! Grace Pond Farm is happy to be a part of Maine's growing food landscape, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to create another bridge between growers, and creative value added producers!

The Future Looks - Green!

We are transitioning to 100% grass, and dry hay feed, with small amounts of organically certified grain - Consistent Feed Ration!

Breeding for A2A2 genetics, and BB genotype